About Owl & Cat

Owl & Cat was born in 2010 (at the time named Owl & Pussycat), after Marcus & Felicity graduated from the University of Gloucestershire. At the height of the recession, jobs were scarce so they decided to do some freelance work to pass the time until they were offered full time jobs. Regular clients and exciting projects meant that even after being offered jobs, Marcus & Felicity decided to carry on with Owl & Cat in their spare time.

Marcus studied Creative Advertising at university  and currently works for a wildlife charity as a marketing officer. He brings a wealth of expertise to Owl & Cat, with experience in both digital and printed media. 

Felicity works as a graphic designer for a large estate agency, and has extensive experience designing brochures and newspaper adverts, as well as website graphics.

Together they make a great team and are always willing to take on a new challenge. If you think Owl & Cat can help with your business, or with something more personal such as wedding invitations then please get in touch via our contact page.

Our Story

A husband and wife team, we met at university and now live in Billingshurst, West Sussex. In our spare time we like exploring the countryside, and love to dabble in interior design and photography. Marcus also likes to collect Lego models and Felicity is a keen musician. Both of us are great animal lovers and we have a cat called Rosie who we adopted from the Cats Protection in 2014 who is a vital part of Owl & Cat!