A little bit about us...

Marcus and Felicity met at university where Marcus studied Advertising and Felicity studied Graphic design. After leaving university in a bad economic climate with few jobs in the creative fields, they decided to collaborate, and Owl & Cat was born!

Now in full time jobs, the pair decided to carry on with Owl & Cat, armed with plenty of expertise from their very different full time fields of work. 

I love seeing branding develop from initial scribbles and ideas into the finished logo. It’s great seeing logos we’ve designed on packaging, stationary or even vehicles - I was surprised once to see that the van in front of me on the M25 was plastered in the colourful Razza Roller Disco branding which was one of Owl & Pussycat’s first projects!

My ‘proper’ job at a large estate agency group sees me designing brochures, adverts and outdoor graphics for new housing developments, along with creating corporate stationary for the estate agency itself.

In my spare time I like cycling and playing in a local concert band, and I have a real passion for animals - particularly cats!
— Felicity
Working for a Wildlife Trust, I have developed a great passion for nature and the outdoors - as a result the last year has seen Owl & Cat working on many projects based around getting children outdoors and back to nature! I have a strong eye for detail and am often the one putting the ‘finishing touches’ on logos we’ve designed.

Both me and Fliss have a great interest in interior design which you will see from our blog - I particularly admire Scandinavian design (maybe it’s from all those trips to Ikea!).

Another of my passions is Lego - I now have a collection of over 12,000 pieces and counting!
— Marcus